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The number of people sleeping rough in England has risen for the sixth year in a row, according to the latest official figures. ‘I have enough’ is a registered homeless charity, social enterprise and funding platform designed to facilitate charitable donations using the power of social media.

The sad statistics

In the UK, an estimated 4,751 people bedded down outside in 2017, according to the snapshot survey, an increase of 15% on 2016, and more than double the 2010 figure.

The figures – based on single-night street counts or estimates by local authorities – show that London, where figures rose by 18%, remains the centre of rough sleeping, accounting for nearly a quarter of all rough sleepers.

The rest of England recorded a 14% rise, with the biggest regional increase in the north-west (39%), where rough sleeping has almost doubled over the past two years and quadrupled since 2010. Hotspots included Tameside, Salford and Manchester.


The statistics also show the continued spread of rough sleeping into areas of the south. Oxford, Southend-on-Sea, Thanet, Swindon, Medway, Eastbourne, Hastings, Worthing, Peterborough, Reading and Wiltshire all recorded rises of at least double the national average.

These are statistics that should not be in existence. We are at a point in time in Humanity’s history where Poverty should be a thing of the past. We live on a planet that prints its own money, however there is not enough of it to go round – This makes no sense to me and saddens me deeply. We can all do more to help those in need and the aim of this project is to help engage people, raise awareness of the plight of our homeless brothers and sisters and raise funds to help those in need.

Our Solution/Initiative

‘I have enough’ is a Social enterprise, registered Charity and funding platform designed to encourage the donation and facilitate the collection of money using the power of established social media vehicles, such as Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. ‘I have enough’ directly and proactively engages people on a personal level by encouraging the donation of gifts given to them for their own birthday, Christmas and other commercially driven life events. Lets use Social Media for good!

The Background

The idea for ‘I have enough’ came to me on my birthday last year. When my both my Mum and my Sister asked what I would like for my birthday . After telling them that I didn’t actually want or need anything, they very kindly did the usual thing and gave me some money. This is always lovely and very much appreciated, but it was really not needed. It struck me that this was surplus money being passed from one person to another, achieving nothing but sentimental satisfaction, when the money really could have been used for good.

My immediate thoughts were to donate the money to a charity. But – How should I do this, who should I give it to and what if over the next week or so I just end up using the money for day to day expenses – lunch here, shopping there etc. It was a distinct possibility and could happen quite easily to any of us in the same situation.

I began to wonder; What if there was an automatic way of my friends and family being able to give to charity, specifically for my Birthday, on my behalf in a quick and simple way?

This is when I came up with the idea of ‘I have enough’, which is now a registered charity focused specifically on the homeless in the UK and is ready to start doing some good and making an impact in the lives of those that need it.

The execution

Our aim is to raise both general awareness and funds to combat the terrible poverty and welfare issues in the UK. We will do this by assertively engaging the public on an individual basis, utilising social media. This is achieved by the platform reaching out to individuals on key dates, pertinent to each person, such as their birthday and providing a nudge and a fundraising template/Meme for them to easily post onto their own social network pages. The template will inform their friends and followers that they are donating their gifts to charity this year and will facilitate the collection of funds to be donated. This will all be done automatically via the platform and in a personally tailored way, leveraging each social network to its fullest. This is executed in a branded and graphical manner which will grow product recognition and subsequently build awareness for the underlying causes.

An example of this might be: A week before my birthday, the I have enough website will send me an E-card congratulating me on my Birthday. The Email will include some details on poverty in the UK and will very politely ask me if I want to use this birthday as an opportunity to actually do some good and donate my birthday money this year. The Email will include links that I can use to very simply publish a post onto my social media which informs my friends and followers what I am planning to do. The post will contain a link to allow my friends and family to donate on my behalf. I am then able to log onto the I have enough website whenever I like and check the status of all my historical donations and see what good that money has been able to do in the community. The Email will also include details such as FB friends who have donated recently, in order to help encourage the user to accept the challenge of doing their good deed. Every person that donates via the platofrm, will register using their dob. This means that when their birthday is approaching, we can also proactively send them an E-card requesting that they donate their own birthday gifts this year.

The model can be used for birthdays, Christmas, Anniversiaries, Engagements, Weddings and so forth and as such, the marketing of such events can be tailored specifically to ensure maximum impact.

Who we are

I am the lead person on this project. I am a husband, a father and like all of you, a Human being. I currently volunteer for a number of other charities and I feel we all have a responsibility to do so much more than we currently do.

We live in a world that prints its own currency, yet there are people who are homeless and cannot afford to eat – how is this even possible?


The I have enough team are three highly motivated and dedicated trustees and entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate about our cause. Between us we have experience of creating tech start ups form scratch, running successful businesses and donating our time/volunteering with established charities. We also have a wider team made up of a number of volunteers who are ready to moblise for ‘I have enough’. We currently have a Crowdfunding page which is in the preparation stage. Weare trying to raise £35,000 in order to develop and launch this platform. Anything more than this that we are able to raise, will go towards giving us a great kick-start in bringing our actual initiatives and exercises to life.

Getting this homeless Charity off the ground means the world to us and could potentially have a fantastic impact on the lives of a large number of people that do not have enough . Currently, I volunteer with another homeless charity and I have continued access to real people with real lives who are currently in dire situations. I am so very aware of the impact that we can have on the lives of so many people who are not as fortunate as us. All it will take is £35,000 to launch.

In Closing..

So there we have it – This is our homeless project which we believe has the potential to reach out and engage a huge number of people through its viral strategy whilst raising funds for extremely worthwhile causes. A very simple idea which can be put into effect relatively quickly and easily. A mere £35,000 will allow us to develop the online tool and launch this project and enable us to start making an impact across our country in real people’s lives.

We are poised and in place to progress with our development and PR partners and after investing a large amount of personal time planning, designing our platform, creating successful relationships with these partners and finally attaining charity status. Our last hurdle to overcome to complete our first major milestone is funding the development.

We’re extremely excited to see this project take the next steps in its journey and appreciate all your input!

Wishing you all love and kindness. Our crowdfunding page can be found on on the Start some good website


Instagram: @ihaveenough_

Twitter: @ihaveenough_

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