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I know there are many engaging and fantastically well written blog sites available on the Internet, covering a multitude of aspects on spirituality, well being, mindfulness, positivity, the universe and all of those wonderful subjects that you and I have an interest in. It’s honestly so lovely and amazing to see these topics being participated in by so many people around the world right now. Whether your own interest means you’ve simply read a single book on Mindfulness and find it quite fascinating or you meditate 50 times a day and are in fact a spiritual master, the fact that you’re reading this page right now means that you and I probably share some interests and this means we have already established common ground and for that I am grateful.

Am I a nutter? Are we all nutters?

My name is Ashleigh and this blog aims to simply cover these beautiful themes from my own perspective. A perspective that had me wondering for some time, am I the only one with these thoughts in my head?  Am I a normal person? Actually am I even actually a real person? (A question that I drove my wife crazy with for some time)  I don’t know about you but I regularly ponder various aspects of myself and my relationship with other humans and with humanity as a whole. I find myself continually considering various interactions in my life and what their ‘bigger picture’ meanings might be.  Why do seemingly non-important events happen in my, or our lives, and what might the lessons behind those events be?  The purpose of this blog is an outlet for me to share these views and ponderings with you and perhaps identify some spark of recognition and connection in anyone who chooses to read.  It is my complete belief that if we dare to peek behind the veil of the monotonous day to day regime,  we will find there is more magic and wonder to this life than many of us choose to see.

Perhaps stop here if you already think ‘this guy’s a nutter’ or if you’re thinking, ‘Yeah OK, I sort of know what he’s talking about’, then please, read on… and thank you.

In summary…

I want to state, that this blog is not written with any authority in any of the subjects, (I’m not a guru) nor am I trying to persuade anyone to any particular way of thinking. These are just my own views and insights into my own thoughts and experiences.  I’m not a celebrity blogger, I don’t have a book for sale.  My posts are simply aiming to discuss spirituality and humanity whilst encouraging a positive mind-set and spreading a bit of love.  This is through the eyes of a normal guy on a journey striving to live an altruistic and unselfish existence, whilst observing the challenges of everyday life.  I would love, along the way, to discover like-minded individuals and hear other people’s comments and opinions.

Perhaps I could even gain some slim validation that I am in fact normal. And real. (Fingers crossed)

I want the world to be a better place and I it is my objective to continually contribute to this plight.  I live my life from my heart, I crave a peaceful world full of love and acceptance and over recent years, I have gained a cherished new belief system. I find myself believing in positive energy, I believe world peace is achievable and most of all I believe Love is the answer to all of our problems.

Thank you once again for joining me on this journey and I hope you enjoy the blog. I welcome all comments and opinions and I wish you a peaceful day full of love and blessings. x

My first blog post gives a bit more of an in-depth insight and can be found here

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